Since 1974 the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) has worked to achieve the goal of Abundant Clean Energy for Mankind. And the means to reach this goal is hydrogen. IAHE has an official scientific journal, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, published by Elsevier and organizes the World Hydrogen Energy Conference and the World Hydrogen Technology Convention you can check the next conferences into the Next events section). Furthermore, it commits to informing the public about the important role of Hydrogen Energy in planning an inexhaustible and clean energy system.


Hydrogen Energy Systems is a IAHE Division focussed on hydrogen systems as a whole and was created because the correct interaction among different components is fundamental to speed up the development of a hydrogen based economy.
Interesting initiatives in the field of hydrogen energy systems are developed in several countries around the world and it will be very useful to disseminate the results of such experiences. It is especially important to inform the policy makers about existing integrated hydrogen energy systems and also to address them towards good practices.
In this perspective this division on one hand will organise specific sessions during IAHE and other conferences, and on the other hand will organise seminars devoted to the public and to the policy makers.
Members can share documents on this website pertaining hydrogen system integration, power to fuels, life cycle sustainability assessment, and education.